Herbal Soap Philippines: Our Past, Present and Future
Herbal Soap Philippines or HSP started 15 years ago as a candle and soap manufacturing company owned by a local Chinese family. The company started from small and humble beginnings, learning from every mistake made over the years and learning to prioritise the client’s needs. The family had to start from scratch and to gather resources from their own pockets. Eventually, small profits grew and grew, while their clientele grew as well.
As of February 2016, the company is now owned and managed by brothers Jeff and John Ng, a generation fueled by online marketing and social media selling. They started selling herbal soaps on hand manufactured and blended by themselves with a tiny 150-peso capital. Then they started adding soap-making raw materials, seeing the potential of a customizable soap. They then proceeded to accepting made-to-order products due to insistent client demand.
Now, after years of tirelessly listening and focusing on their client’s needs, HSP has a new mission: to assist potential entrepreneurs realize their dream to become financially independent by providing high quality and affordable supplies. They also want to continue guiding these individuals in the ways of making organic beauty products such as soaps, shampoos and perfumes. They are now upgrading and will be focusing on becoming a direct selling company.
They provide only the best and the most organic and natural products in the market with highly competitive prices for both raw and finished materials. They are also tapping the online market so that their products and materials can be available and ready to be shipped anywhere in the country.
HSP’s vision has always been to service the nation. Now, they envision a future where Filipinos would replace soap/sabon with the word HSP, and to become the most widely known and used soap in the country. With their hoard of satisfied clients behind them, it won’t be long until HSP does become a household name in the country.