Hair and Scalp Tonic

Stimulating and cleansing rosemary is excellent for hair and scalp conditions, including hair loss and dandruff, while cider vinegar helps to smooth the hair shaft and give added shine for healthy-looking hair. Combined with a herbal infusion, this invigorating hair tonic provides a fragrant rinse that not only leaves hair feeling soft and looking glossy, but can also help relieve a dry, flaking scalp.

How to make

1 Make an infusion by steeping the nettles for 10 minutes in a teapot with 7 fl oz (200 ml) boiling water. Strain out the nettles.

2 Add the cider vinegar and the essential oils. Pour the mixture into a sterilized glass bottle. It will keep for up to 3 months.

Best uses

– As a hair tonic Shake the bottle before use. Before shampooing, pour a cupful of the tonic over wet hair in the shower or bath. Massage into the hair or comb through, then follow with your usual shampoo. Continue to dry and style as usual.

Safe usage Avoid sage oil in pregnancy and when breast-feeding.

Makes 71/2 fl oz (220 ml)
Dried nettle leaves 1 tbsp
Water for infusion 7 fl oz (200 ml)
Cider vinegar 1 tsp
Sage essential oil 1 drop
Lemon essential oil 1 drop
Rosemary essential oil 1 drop
Cedarwood essential oil 1 drop

This refreshing hair tonic will leave you with glossy locks and a healthy-feeling scalp.