HSP Argan Oil 15ml




Makes a useful moisturizer
Acts as a hand conditioner
Conditions hair
Tones skin
100% Pure and Organic

Argan (Argania spinosa)
Argan oil comes from a tree found growing only in Morocco. High levels of antioxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids make it a soothing oil for all skin types, and good for hair and nails. It is moisturizing and protective against environmental factors, such as weather and pollutants.


Makes a useful moisturizer
A non-greasy, dry oil that can be used under makeup during the day and for skin repair at night, argan can minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks and help to soften sun- or wind-damaged skin. Apply sparingly to lips before bedtime to aid healing and repair skin overnight.

Acts as a hand conditioner
Warm a few drops of the oil in the palms, then massage well into the hands, taking extra time to work into the nails and cuticles.

Conditions hair
For damaged or dry hair, argan oil conditions and restores shine. Use as a prewash deep treatment, or rub a few drops into newly washed hair for light control of frizziness.

Tones skin
With regular use, the oil helps to balance oily skin and reduce inflammation around pimples and acne.


A. For A Healthy And Glowing Skin – Loaded with assorted antioxidants and essential fatty acids, this oil has immaculate restorative properties. Just apply a little on your skin and massage it just before you hit the bed to find yourself with soft, healthy, and glowing skin.

B . Delays the Onset Of Premature Ageing – The alarmingly increasing levels of pollution and the harsh sun rays leave no chance to damage our skin. The result – the skin is crowded with free radicals. These free radicals deplete the moisture levels, leaving the skin dry. This, on the other hand, sets the stage for premature ageing. While Vitamin E in Moroccan oil thwarts free radical damages, the saponins enhance the moisture level, ensuring that the skin doesn’t lose its firmness, elasticity, and radiance.

C. Nourishes Sensitive Skin – Sensitive skin needs a very intense cleansing and moisturizing routine. And, Argan oil is the best deal. Just dab a little on your skin and massage it gently every night before you sleep to nourish and moisture the skin. You can even use an Argan oil infused cleanser in your bath regimen.

D. Natural Care For Luscious Lips – Keeping your lips smooth and luxurious is now easy. Just add 3 to 4 drops of Moroccan oil with brown sugar and vanilla. Use this mixture to exfoliate the dead skin cells off the lips, and reveal that addictive shine.

E. Prevents And Cures Acne – Packed with various antioxidants, this Vitamin E-rich oil is a perfect anti-inflammatory agent. People suffering from acne can make use of the anti-inflammatory nature of this oil to combat and ward off acne. The scars also fade off, eventually.

F. Innate Scars Healing Properties – Put an end to your stretch mark worries. Just massage in a little Moroccan oil on the affected areas regularly, and see the difference. The triterpenoids are known to heal the tissue scars and protect the skin from developing infections.

G. Natural Remedy For Various Skin Disorders – The anti-inflammatory nature along with its healing and skin softening properties make this oil a much sought after natural cure for various inflammatory skin conditions, such as chicken pox and eczema.

H. Keeps Your Nails Smooth And Lustrous – Shiny, pink nails are indicators of good health. For that you can take the help of Vitamin E-enriched Argan oil. Just massage them regularly to strengthen the bones and add a lustrous sheen to them.

I. Natural Shaving Cream – Stop shelling out your cash on that expensive shaving cream. Argan oil doubles up as a shaving cream too. Just apply a few drops of this oil on the cleansed skin and shave, to get rid of the hair. You can even use it as an aftershave to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

J. Bid Adieu To Your Split Ends Forever – People, who love to own long hair without fearing split ends, should definitely give Moroccan oil a try. Applying this regularly on your hair could cut down the occurrences of split ends to a great extent. It penetrates into each shaft, strengthening the strands from within. It ensures that the hair is healthier and grows longer and thicker, without being damaged by split ends. Just use it as massage oil. Make sure the shampoo and conditioner you use also contain the same for better benefits.

K. Keeps Frizzy Hair Under Control – Packed with omega 9 and omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin E, this is the perfect solution for untamable frizzy hair. Light in weight, this easily smooths down frizzy hair by moisturizing it in a non-greasy way. Just add a few drops to your palm, rub, and smooth out the frizz. An easy-to-carry leave-on conditioner, in short!

L. Gives Your Tresses A Healthy Shine – Hair, akin to our skin, is exposed to countless damages. Also, your dieting and lifestyle changes worsen the conditions. Moroccan oil is packed with various vitamins and antioxidants that render it the potential to strengthen and smoothen the hair, returning its natural shine and softness. Massage this oil into your hair and leave aside for at least 60 minutes before washing off. You can use this as a weekly hair care treatment.

M. Repairs Hair Damage – The excessive use of chemicals is sure to blow away the shine and health of your hair, leaving it intensively damaged. Applying this oil could actually help in strengthening the hair from the follicle till the tip. The damages are repaired, leaving the hair once again strong and hydrated, while replacing its lost elasticity and smoothness.

N. Natural Anti-Dandruff Remedy – Dandruff triggered by a dry scalp could be thwarted off by massaging this oil into the scalp. Start by massaging into the scalp, slowly moving your fingertips in circular motions. Repeat the process, increasing slowly, till they start penetrating the roots. Dip a large, clean towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and use this towel to wrap your hair and scalp. This will ensure that the scalp gets hydrated. Repeat thrice a week for dandruff-free hair.

O. Natural Styling Agent – You can use the non-greasy and lightweight Moroccan oil in place of chemical enriched styling agents. Just apply a few drops before any of the styling procedures, including straightening and blow drying. This ensures that your hair is safe from the heat damages. At the same time, it also guarantees a smooth finishing that lasts longer.

How To Use Argan Oil:
Moroccan Argan Oil is used to enhance the quality of the skin, hair, as well as nails.

A. For Deep Conditioning The Hair:
Just apply a few drops on washed hair and comb your hair. Leave it as long as you want for deep conditioning. Wash the excess oil with a mild shampoo for soft, radiant tresses. Repeat this twice a week for best results.

B. For Easing Stretch Marks:
Add 3 drops of oil onto your palm and rub the palms. Apply on the affected area and massage gently in circular motions. Use it regularly to ease the stretch marks and soften the affected area.

C. For Hydrating The Skin:
Apply 3 to 4 drops of this oil on your face and neck. Massage using your fingertips, in circular, upward strokes to moisturize the skin. Do it twice a day for supple and radiant skin.

D. For Conditioning The Nails:
Add 1 tsp of this oil into a small bowl. Dip your index finger gently into the oil and rub on the cuticles and nails. Do this daily once, preferably before retiring for the day to get health and radiant nails.