HSP Tea Tree Serum

Heals pimples and acne wounds; moisturizes and protects skin from pollutants; lightens, tightens, and minimizes pores; improves the skin’s overall health.




9 reviews for HSP Tea Tree Serum

  1. Jensen

    It’s a serum but it’s just like a gel. It absorbs pretty quick. But despite of it’s misleading consistency, this actually stopped my breakout. In only 3 days, it managed to stop my pimples from developing overnight. Now, I don’t have to worry about staying up late provided that I use this everyday. It’s truly an anti-acne serum! I would definitely buy this again.

  2. Vanesa

    I love this. It dries my zit in 1-3 days. Its hygienic and easily used. I like that its a pump. Good for spot treatment, My only issue is the packaging, It looks sort of tacky. Arte. Pero it works perfectly for pimples. would repurchase again. Its price is not bad either, like all miju products its not heavy sa bulsa.

  3. Leriza

    Hindi ko alam if ito yong nagpapacalm sa mga breakouts ko o yong cleansing foam ko pero I know this serum plays a big role in it.I am now on my 2nd week of using this serum.Hindi siya watery unlike other serum, gel like siya pero ok lang kasi kahit 4 na pump lang pwede na for the entire face.I bought this cause it is sale for a local brand not bad.What it can give you is the soothing feeling. Nakakarelax pa yong scent niya it smells like perfume.

  4. Pamela

    Bought my second bottle last month (on sale) and I notice the packaging and the scent is different. I had to compare it from my first bottle (which was okay). The consistency has changed a lot, it is more smoother compared before which was too densed that the product won’t come out on first 3 pumps. But anyhow, I am just wondering if they just improved the product or it is something else. But the good thing is, it didn’t gave me breakouts tho.

  5. Catsy

    If you’re looking for something that will tame your pimples and eventually make it dry, this product is it. It’s texture is jelly- like and there’s no scent. If it’s used in a pimple that had popped it dries that spot out faster, which in turn makes it heal faster. There’s no sting. For small pimples, it only takes a day to dry. For medium-sized to mega-sized pimples, it will probably take two to three days. It’s worth every peso.

  6. Pamela

    I’ve been suffering from pimples due to stress for the past years and this is my savior!! Been using multiple anti-acne products and tried expensive treatments from derma but did nothing but worsen my skin situation. Tried this baby out since it has a lot of positive reviews. And yes! it works like magic for its price. I’m trying the Vit C now for my pimple marks

  7. Joanna

    Please restock the freebie asap i will order this soon.Maraming salamat po! May isa pa po akong oorderin kaya sana pa restock ng freebie na tiny buds powder sample and para masulit rin yung free shipping. Thank you! *Pamparami ng review words* Good night my and support the team is going on in my head and the kids are

  8. Allen

    I have very acne prone skin, specially on the cheek area, i used a lot of other serum and creams to control my acne but this product really did the job right. My acne had cleared up and the redness on my cheeks are almost gone, been using this for the last 2 months and i am loving it. The only complain i can make is the bottle, with the thick formula inside and a not so great pump normally it takes 5-10 pumps to get the product out and normally it pea sized, with the face as big as mine since i am a guy it takes a while to get the amount i need to have enough for my problem areas. But my skin wants to thank you for formulating this

  9. Erix

    I ordered this one while naka birthday sale. To be honest, naghahanap lang ako ng mga kung ano-anong ia-add to cart ko (routine ko na to ). Naghanap ako ng mga mura pero useful (sana) sa akin. Till nakita ko to. At first di ako impressed, wala akong expectations. Wala pa naman kasing testimonials and reviews sa product na to. Di din ako familiar sa brand. Basta nakita ko lang na mura so go na. Since may mga alaga ako nun, masusubukan ko kung effective. 2 days after using it as spot treatment sa mga alaga ko, lumiit agad sila. After 4 days tuyo na yung mga alaga ko. Kaya Im keeping it na. ❤️

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