HSP Tomato Serum

– Brightens and evens overall tone
– Controls excess oiliness and minimizes the appearance of large pores
– Nourishes and moisturizes for that supple, bouncy feel you love
– Leaves a lit-from-within rosy glow and dewy finish




95 reviews for HSP Tomato Serum

  1. Krizzel

    I have been looking for a cheaper version of tomato serum and never regretted purchasing this. I bought during a sale. Naabutan ng ECQ so medyo natagalan. I have been using this since then. I apply it at night. It’s very lightweight and smells good. So far it was effective never had any allergies and experienced any side effects. It has the same effect like other tomato serum where it lightened my acne scars and pores are smaller

  2. Rose

    Keeps my skin hydrated all day and I like the fact that the product is very affordable. It is not sticky which I really like since I have oily skin. You could smell the tomato fragrance, but it’s minimal and doesn’t stay long once you put it on the face, so it didn’t really bother me. If you are on a budget, then this is a good product to start with. But if you’re looking for an antioxidant then you should try their Vitamin C serum

  3. Janaiah

    I bought this for my mom’s friends cuz they wanted to start their journey to clear skin. The solution is also very watery. Doesn’t smell tomato-ey at all. Tomato serums are usually for brightening but I’m not sure this one works for brightening at all. It helps in retainjng moisture, though.

  4. Charlene

    It comes in a cute packaging which i like and it makes me glow like blushed. Absorbed by my skin fas enough. Perfect for the glass skin look. Though what im actually looking for is the fresh skin lab tomato brand this works just fine compared to that. I think i like it because its cheap.

  5. Angel

    This one is sooooo cheap but works wonders! The scent is kinda strong but not overwhelming since it is a fruity scent. I used it every night and my face smell so good!! And when I wake up in the morning, my face is not sticky or oily which is good for me.

  6. Lery

    Since my skin is dry, I always looked for serum or mosturizer to apply on my face. While browsing, this product caught my attention and since its budget friendly, I bought one bottle. Felt that my skin improved already and I am loving it. Will buy this again after I consume the first bottle.

  7. J

    I already finished 2 bottles of this product. It does make your skin supple and pinkish. I think this product is made for women. Compared to skinpotion’s version this one has pigment. The product has a weird slime-like smell which I didn’t like. For me. Who wish to use tomato serum I highly recommend the skinpotion as it has no color. Works well and has better scent. Nonetheless, I also highly recommend this product as it does the job.

  8. Rodamel

    I got this on sale! Perfect to try a product you are unsure of. HEHE I gave it to my mom as a gift. She told me that the feel of the product on the face is really good. It was moisturizing and would definitely give your face the glow that you need. After a few days of using it, my mom had a breakout. Not too much per se but it was enough to stop her from using it. There must have been something on the product that did not agree to her skin which resulted to the breakout but I don’t think it’s a bad product maybe it’s not just for our skin type.

  9. Cris

    Its my first time trying a Tomato Serum. My first time of using this I was quite amazed kasi hindi siya malagkit sa face after application. I prefer this type of serum since napakainit ngaun at hndi ko bet ung nglalagkit ung muka ko after a few hours.. lol. I hope it could deliver more results. Lets see after a few weeks but for now super like ko to. Its cheap too since I got it on sale. well it took a while nga lang mdeliver.

  10. Nhorol

    I used it every morning, and it’s effective naman. I like how you get the “dewy look”when you applied this and it’s very matipid, like one pump and it’s good to go na, malagkit lang sya ng slight but it’s not a problem naman kasi effective naman ‘yong product. I like it. I might purchase again, but not now.

  11. Alexandra

    I was on a look-out for a serum that I can try since I’m starting on a skincare. I happen to see this one on sale so I thought why not try this one, so I did. It smelled really good on your skin and it leaves a little sticky feeling on your skin after. It helped brighten my face, made it a little glowy. It’s good, but I think there’s still better product out there.

  12. Rae

    This made my skin very smooth like what it claims. I hope you guys try this product. Worth the hype!!! It is really my go to serum now. You Can use it every day because it feels refreshing. Check this product out for you to learn more and for its effects!!

  13. Lea

    I love this serum. Super affordable and yet effective for oily and acne prone skin. I just don’t like the a smell. It’s like a spoiled tomato. But I can tolerate because it significantly reduced my zits in forehead. Also, its not sticky so you can use this at daytime.

  14. Pau

    If you are looking for r a cheap effective tomato serum then THIS IS IT! I love the smell and it does not become sticky when you apply it. I usually use this at night as a sleeping serum, it lighten my dark acne marks and prevented serious acne breakout. Worth its price!

  15. Rona

    This is my first serum ever and I must say I’m very pleased with the result. I was hesistant at first since I have an oily skin. But this serum absorbs easily and makes my face glow. I look fresh all day! Will def buy once there is available stock!

  16. Nalla

    I can’t say na it work well on my face since all my concerns is still a concern Good thing, i don’t have breakouts since i started using this serum. It smell good too and in just a small amount it can cover your face na. So, i was able to use it for 2 months.

  17. Jamie

    Super bagay sa oily skin like me. Humidity sa philippines ang nagtulak sa akin para itry to and worth it sya. It’s like a water based serum but it kinda brightens my face so try this if you do not want that thick serum feeling. Very very good for oily skin

  18. Ara

    I’m still on the lookout for a serum because this one just isn’t for my skin type. Although, I did not have any breakouts at all which is really great but I don’t feel like it is doing anything for my skin. The good thing about this product is it cost very cheap that’s why i decided to try it out. I’ve been using it for a month now, still no visible improvements or changes on my skin. Also, the pump sometimes don’t work. Overall, i will still finish the bottle and continue to use it but I will not repurchase. I will go on the hunt for a serum that would work for me. I will still recommend it to others to try maybe it will work for some other skin type.

  19. Lorraine

    I decided to give it a month of use before putting any reviews. This product has proved itself, this is a great steal! I’d like to keep my skin regimen simple – I only wash my face, put on toner then HSP Tomato Serum. It works magic, it gave my face a tighter and dewy feel. My skin feels and looks glowy. I decided to purchase more especially when it went on sale, I dont want to run out of this holy grail. Definitely worth it at 190pesos versus other brands racking up 300 pesos for a 30ml bottle. I would definitely recommend it. Grab yours now! ❤️

  20. Mary

    It’s okay for me. I have been using this for a month. It gives me pinkish glow and slightly brightens my face. BUT mayroon akong bumps sa face that doesn’t really become pimples, and wala siyang effect doon. I’m not acne-prone but I do have pimples occasionally, lalo na’t ngayon na puro puyat ako. When I do have it, the serum doesn’t do anything like speeding up healing nor prevent it. Visible pa rin ang pores ko especially cheek area near the nose. I really though it would give me glass skin like a lot of people say about this, but sadly, this is not for me.

  21. Rhaine

    This really made my skin glow only upon 3 days of usage, I felt like my skin was close to obtaining the glass skin thingy to be honest. It didn’t feel sticky too and a little goes a long way. I also love the smell! For its price, I definitely recommends this one. ❤️

  22. Angelica

    This serum serves its purpose. First, I was hesitant at trying this. The first time I used this, I was kinda uncomfortable with the smell and I was worried that it might not fit me. But guess what, I can’t leave my house without using this together with a moisturizer and a sunscreen!! Days after, I noticed my face as it glows after doing my skincare routine. I also noticed that this is the one that my skin is craving for❤️ I am confident that I leave our house with just a serum, moisturizer and a sunscreen on my face. It gives me an all day glow wherever I am

  23. Leah

    I used this 1 bottle of tomato serum for 50days. Can’t imagine the result, i’m so addicted to use facial products for how many years and i tried so many skincare products but it didn’t work to my face. I have a lot of acne scars in between of my eyebrows and to my chin coz that part of my face is so oily my T zone. Hehe. And now i dont use any of skincare product. ONLY this TOMATO SERUM worked to lighten my spots!!!! I will buy another bottle again!!!!

  24. Maegan

    I love this product kasi ang bilis nya mag absorb sa skin plus ang bango bango bangooo nya! And also it’s affordable. I love the glowy effect of this product after being applied. I recommend this product kasi affordable lg sha and also it’s worth it. Buy buy buy buy!

  25. Liz

    I tried this and I love that it isn’t greasy to apply and has this smell that is not overpowering. However, I discontinued using it as it made my skin oilier after hours of sleep. I haven’t seen any difference on my skin since using it. But it is supple everytime I apply it on. Perhaps this is good for a younger skin.

  26. Eloisa

    matagal na akong nag hahanap ng serum na mura na pero maganda sa face ang kayang kaya pa ng bulsa yun tomato serum is maganda talaga sya di ka mag sisi na bibilhin mo sya kasi napakalamig nya sa muhka yun tipong nakakarelax sya pag gagamitin mo ang sarap sarap sa pakiramdam noon cooling effects nya saka pagtapos mo sya gamitin mapapansin mo yun textured ng face mo na kuminis sya talaga saka napakabango pa nya ❤️

  27. Reneline

    At first I was hesitant to get this serum because I just read 1 review about the product plus it has cheaper price but I still tried it and I was so amaze with the effect on my face..since I use this my pimple marks and the bumps on my forehead has gone..I must say that buying cheaper products doesn’t mean no good effects on your skin.. It’s a good find..I’m using it alternatively with my other skin care products..and I’ll surely buy again..

  28. Kit

    I’ve bought this during sale for only 87 pesos cause I wanna try a tomato serum… And guyseu, how lucky I am na hiyang ako sa first ever tomato serum ko. This is sooo good! And 87 pesos ko lang sya nabili huhuhuhu. Medyo amoy overripe na papaya sya and medyo sticky hehe, but it really gives me that healthy glow na kahit todo commute and usok na ang tahakin ko my face still looks fresh. Definitely gonna repurchase again. I’m so inlove.

  29. Glaiza

    I just started using this and already I am in love! It smells so sweet but its never oily. It works well with my other serums too. I like that I can see the results just after two days of using it! I would definitely buy again and recommend this to my friends! The price is very good!

  30. Thea

    This little baby packs a power punch. It has a gel-like texture which easily absorbs into your skin. It smells like candy so I first thought that this was one of those cheap products that does nothing for your skin. Boy was I wrong! After using an ampoule that broke me out, I used this the following morning to see if it was true to its claim on drying out pimples. And it did. It truly did. So now I’m ready to ditch one of my more expensive blemish treating serums for this affordable, candy scented miracle worker. Oh, and did I mention that my face now has a natural pinkish glow?

  31. Renelyn

    Only been using this for two days and only good things has happened. Noticeable yung difference ng skin ko before I used this product and after. Mas smooth and lighter sya. No breakouts so far. I love the smell too. And mabilis maabsorb ng skin ung serum.. Nakakahinayang lang since 1 lang binili ko. Should’ve bought 3 nun sale pa sya.

  32. Anna

    All i can say is maganda un product sa skin ko, nakaka glow talaga sya, very lightweight, and masarap sa pakiramdam after mo maglagay. Non sticky. 3 days ko na ginagamit and i can already see the difference, kaya nag order pa ako ule ng dalawa. Very affordable product rin. I’m just waiting na mag fade un mga acne marks ko, pero it really helps. Acne prone skin kasi ako. Wala rin breakouts. Basta overall maganda ang product na ito. 5 stars! Thanks!

  33. Klaudine

    I bought this product as an alternative for another well-known tomato serum out of curiosity. To my surprise, this is actually just as effective in brightening and giving my skin that glowing flushed look. The smell can be a little too fruity at first, but nothing I can’t handle. I use this with a tomato soothing gel just to maximize the effects of tomato. Love it!

  34. Mylene

    I finished using one bottle and what I loved about this is that i made my skin glow and hydrated.It makes my cheeks look rosy, i think because there is a mix red tint to it. i did not encounter any breakout when using this product which is very good.

  35. Carolyn

    I only use this during weekends and it really helps in minimizing my pores. I also like the packaging since the consistency is gel-like. I just don’t like the scent, it was too sweet. I hope they tone it down or change the scent to something milder. I noticed that a little goes a long way, the product is spreadable and I only needed a small amount (slightly larger than a pea) to cover my face and neck. Given the price, it has good value for money.

  36. Champagne

    This has a cooling effect that calms my acne spots. I apply this at night and when I wake up in the morning my face looks dewy. I Would have given this 5 stars if not for the strong scent. At first I was contemplating whether to use this or not because of the scent. Good thing is it actually works on my skin.

  37. Maricel

    I found a very reliable alternative for the very famous sister of this li’l gal…although the smell is quite strong I did not mind it all as long as it delivers its wonderful effects. It got the job done; moisturised-smoothened-less visible pores and acne scars a bit brightened. About my skin’s oiliness sitch it did great for I tried to use it as my primer before putting my makeup on, however I paired this with a setting spray so maybe that combi is good I’ll be getting my 2nd bottle as soon I am done with this…did I mention this is matipid gamitin, you need konting amount lang

  38. Catherine

    Mapimple talaga ako. Then tinry ko ito. Works fine. Mabango, non greasy, problem ko lang yung bottle medyo mahirap ilabas ung product. Pero all in all okay naman sya saakin. Been using this for 2 weeks na. Nakakadry ng pimple at ang mga pimple marks nawawala. Gusto ko din itry yung isang brand na serum baka worth it din. Kaya lang mas mahal. So stick muna ako dito.

  39. Rosemarie

    I have a pore problem lately, also the acnes. Then I tried this after cleansing my face everyday before sleeping. It totally helped me out and i’m inlove with it. Its not sticky and gives you the glow you deserve everyday. ✨ Another advice for those who have oily skin like me, just use it in the evening.

  40. Indira

    Its very cool to the face. A good dupe for divawhite tomato serum. I both love the stuff. It dinks into the skin really well and it feels so refreshing. I did not experience any breakdown from this stuff so its a good starter serum. Bottle is of good size. Would purchase again.

  41. Rizza

    Actually kakabili ko lang nito and been using it for 3 days pa..pero hiyang na hiyang ang face ko! Dry and Acne prone yung face ko kaya natatakot akong mag try pero since naka sale siya at di masyadong mabigat sa bulsa, i tried to buy this one! currently observing pa ako sa results niya pero ang importante lang talaga sa akin ay wala akong any reactions or irritations! Worth the try talaga!!

  42. Mary

    The smell is good. I’ve been using this for 3 days palang naman but it works na agad. Mabilis maabsorb ng balat ko and it’s not sticky. Ginagamit ko narin sya as make up base. So far nagbiblend naman sya sa ibang layer ng cream. Though di ko pa naaachieve ung glow na gusto ko but I’m stilling giving a 4 star I will order again sa next sale.

  43. Erika

    What i like about this product is that its gives you the glow that is natural. 2 weeks ko palang nagagamit yung product piro kita na talaga ang results no doubts madami din gumagamit nito at nahiyang sila agad.Thumbs upfor this serum really love it Im planning to buy again this miju glow serum sa susunod kasi effective na affordable pa………

  44. Princess

    a must have. been using it for more than a month now and i’m loving it. i use it immediately after bath before applying anything on my face. it was not sticky and i think my skin absorbs it in no time. it lightens the dark spots on my face.

  45. Mary

    My bf’s sister shared this to me so I ordered one. Been using this for a week now and I know it’s too early to have a product review, but I just want to say that it makes my skin soft. It’s a bit dolorous upon application tho, but tolerable. Smells nice too! My co-workers asked for my skincare so I told them about this tomato serum. They also ordered for themselves! Sharing is caring! Good vibes to all!

  46. Princess

    Ang nice nito! Nung nabasa ko review nya sinubukan ko lng sya. Sa gabi konsya nilalagay bago matulog. Ang bango ng amoy nya pero di ganun katapang. And napansin ko sa morning pag gising ko ang lambot ng skin ko sa face. Ilang weeks ko na sya ginagamit ngayon. Nice!

  47. Elay

    I’ve been using this for a week. I chose this product because of reviews saying it will make my skin rosy (which is my goal for my skin) Yes my skin got rosy, but it was only upon application. Later on it got back to my normal skin color. I got breakouts as well but not sure if it’s bcos of this product. It is moisturizing tho, and not greasy which is a must for me. I hope it works better, it’s probably still early to judge yet.

  48. Eunice

    Been using this serum for about a week. I didn’t know what to expect and I was honestly thinking of passing on serums entirely but I decided to go ahead and try this. It was a good decision! It gives my skin a dewy, pinkish glow like advertised and leaves it feeling soft, supple, and smooth. And yes, it does reduce excess oil! Haven’t observed any lightening effect but I might just need to use it for a longer period of time. The smell is sweet and the consistency is thick and gel-like which made me wonder at first cause I’m used to seeing thinner formulas. The pump mechanism is a little weird but nothing bad. I was worried about breaking out but I’m happy to report nothing of that sort has happened. Might buy again!

  49. Bianca

    I am searching for a product that will give me that glass skin effect and I tried this one. I use this every night and on the first time I applied it on my face, it gave me the glass skin effect look . But as days go by, I cannot see the effect anymore and I don’t know why maybe because of the oiliness of my skin. But this is really worth a try and good for its price.

  50. Angel

    Yay! I was Love at first sight this product .. Napansinq sa face ko na ang kinis i used it morning and evening after ko mag cLean ng face ko ang ganda ng effect LaLo na pag umaga kht mejo mahapdi tiis ganda hehe atLeast ang ganda ng outcome 🙂 .. Well buy it again pag nagsaLe .. Tnx you HSP!

  51. Janine

    I must say that Its really worth to order. After few days of using day and night, I notice my skin so glowy and smooth. It didnt clog my pores. I love it. Im more confident of my skin because of this tomato serum. I will surely buy again. Thanks HSP!

  52. Marianne

    It has been over a week since I used this product and it worked like magic. I bought one to try and test it out. But 3 days after I used it, I ordered one again. I just love the product. I have a very sensitive and acne prone skin. But this didn’t break me out. Hence, it gave me a glowy (in right places like parts of our face that we usually put highlighter on), supple and healthy skin. I also noticed that it lighten my pimple marks and helped alot with my pores. The only downside is the packaging. Although I appreciate that it has pump. But sometimes the pump gets defective. Apart from that, everything is wonderful. I hope this works for you too. This is my new holy grail.

  53. Christine

    So yeah, you basically red the caption, it gives me that dewy glow but not the glass skin effect like what is stated, brought this coz it’s on sale and I wanna try some serums, and I passed with this one.. I’m giving it 4 stars because the smell of the product for me is just too sweet, I don’t really like products with sweet smell and over powering it. Also this has a water and gel consistency. But a great product overall

  54. Diana

    I like it from delivery upto the product. . 1st, im so happy because its free delivery . even its so cheap but still they gave me a free delivery . 2nd the packaging is pink . its like the product is specially made for a girl I like the result of it on my face . Ive been using it for 5 days and everytime i put it on my face my face looks clearer and whitier .. and i noticed it lessen my oiliness. Im still observing it so i gave a 4 star , but i will definitely order again ..

  55. Princez

    Ganda nya. Mbango din… I’ve been using it for a week. Day and night ako nagllagay. Grabe… Sabi ng kawork ko, prang ngging glowy n ung face ko. They even asked me ano gngmit ko lately. Eh eto p lng naman ang gmit ko… Nkklighten dn ng acne scars. So far, ung ngiisang scar n lng ang nttra sa face ko. Hope malighten n ng tluyan.

  56. Michelle

    This is the first I’ve hoenstly tried on my face and I live for it. It kind of has a “tightening effect” upon application. I don’t know if it’s meant to di that it FEELS like that on my face. Aside from that it leaves my face glowing, almost rosy. And it smells good!! It smells like mango not strawberry tho, w/c is as good!!!

  57. Gabrielle

    Switched to this from my previous serum. It has a thick consistency with minimal scent and an airless pump. I love how it gets quickly absorbed by my skin and leaves my skin feeling tight and smooth. It also gives a red flush. However, I noticed it doesn’t do much lightening in regards to dark marks, etc. it just makes your skin moisturized and quite red/a little flushed. Probably will not purchase again.

  58. Francis

    This is a dupe of the skin potions tomato serum. I think I like this better. The smell is not too much and it feels soft sa balat. Maganda sya kasi it is cheap but it also gives the glow and the glass skin effect. I bought this because it is cheaper and I did not regret it. Mas glowy ung skin dito kesa dun sa mas sikat na skin potions. Madami na ngayong tomato serum na kumakalat, I even tried soooer beaute. Among all na natry ki, this has been the best so far.

  59. Lymjel

    The price is very affordable compare to other serums. The smell is also nice( fruity). However , every time I use the product napapansin ko na may tumutubo na pimple so I decided not to use it everyday. On the contrary, the product helps to reduce the oil so, I think this is good to oily skin

  60. Cris

    This product is oh soooo good. It smoothens my skin and clears up my dark spots and freckles. Madali syang magdry so hindi mo mararamdaman yung sticky feeling kapag matutulog kana. And for me thats a plus to all night regimen na ginagamit ko. It also gives you the pinkish mestiza look in your cheeks. Malakas maka artista. So far I’ve been using it for 4 days now and i like the result. Love, love!

  61. Sharmyn

    I bought this serum when it was on sale. I chose this serum from HSP because the other products under this brand really delivered. So why not give a try on this one? It makes my face tight and smooth. I used this with my facial wash and moisturizer and I have no violent reactions. I get breakouts from time to time and I guess, you just can’t help your hormones when it’s the time of the month for us girls. You know. Haha. I just wished it would remove my dark spots though. Haha. But guess what, the black heads on my nose are becoming less visible from time to time! I just find the smell a little bit off but it’s tolerable anyway.

  62. Kate

    Okay. So I tried this product because it’s the cheapest tomato serum I’ve seen here. The things I loved about are: the scent, it’s not sticky on the face, sets easily, lasted me a month because a few drops can cover my whole face, and it’s very affordable! I actually saw the difference of my skin before and after I used it. It’s great especially when I apply my makeup, mas kumakapit lalo na ang bb cream ko. Really love this and will repurchase, soon!

  63. Xzyrille

    Since the day I became fan of serums, this is by far (for me) makes my skin glow. Like really glow. The glass skin look is real. I LOVED IT! I’ve already recommend this product to all my friends and relatives, as well as my officemates, because this product is so effective yet cheaper than other serum brands, so yeah! Go get yours now!!!♥️

  64. Nicole

    I bought this serum together with Organic Skin Japan Intensive Whitening Repair with Vitamin C and E. I was about to make my review after 1 week para makita talaga yung result but I can’t resist of making my review since I’ve been using it for 5 days pa lang pero kitang kita na yung results sa face ko. I have lots of dark spots of my face na kahit anong gawin ko di naglilighten. Thanks to this serum and the other serum I’m using it totally lighten my dark spots within 3 days of using. Ngayon, mas nag lighten pa talaga dark spots ko. No violent reaction ang face ko. No breakouts. No burning feeling sa face. Not to mention that the smell is so sweet, really lohing it. 2 thumbs up for this product! Best mixed with the Organic Skin Japan Intensive Whitening Repair Serum with Vitamin C and E. It will surely gives you glowing and pinkish glow! ❣️

  65. Yeye

    For me its 11/10!! As in ganda ng effect nya sa face ko. 4nights ko pa lang syang ginagamit then napapansin ko na naging glowy yung face ko and ang soft na din nya then hudrated na yung face ko unlike before. Wala din akong ginagamit na toner. Mej konti nga lang sya and sira din yung pang pump but for its quality it’s 11/10 for me!!! I hope mag sale ulit please!!! Nirecommend ko na din sya sa kapatid ko!!!

  66. Jane

    If it wasn’t for the off-putting smell I would have rated this product a 5 but yeah 4 is for eveything else especially the most visible “glowing effect” it gives. There was just this one day, after several times of using it, that I saw the effect and it was sooo good! It looked liked I put on some blush on! Oh am I gonna buy this again…and again…and again… 🙂

  67. Rissah

    I bought this tomato serum because I wanted to add some skincare to my everyday routine. Sadly it didn’t went well with my skin. When I first used it , it felt mahapdi on my skin but I told myself to give it a week or two but on my second week I noticed some tiny bumps on my face and near the eyes increased so I stopped using it. It didn’t make my face glow or brighter it might not be effective for me.

  68. Erika

    Actually this is my second time for using serum before ive used a product that too much pricey but it doesn’t worth the price and nakasama pa sakin. But this product I think it’s better than my before product I like it bcoz of non sticky feeling after it dries on your face and it gives me a smooth skin. That’ what ive seen so far actually paubos na yung inorder ko isang bottle but I will purchase again next time na totally maubos sya … looking forward for more positive results with this serum ☺☺☺☺

  69. John

    I purchased this as a replacement for my sooper beaute’s snail skin serum because when I ran out of serum, sooper beaute’s serum is currently out of stock so, I decided to purchase this as an alternative. It does it’s job making my skin plumped, smoother and lighter and as well as it tightened my pores.

  70. Keny

    It’s nice and cheap! It gave my skin a nice and smooth texture. I have already clear skin so I do not know if it will be helpful for those who have acne prone skin, so sorry guys. I got this on a sale and it’s very worth it! I should have bought a lot

  71. Athens

    Im really a late bloomer when it comes to the brand of HSP but when I encountered it, the first product that intrigues me is this one. I think they have almost the same scent but this one has maasim something na scent but still smells good. Consistency is the same, gel like texture and easily absorbed by my skin. Overall, no drastic changes yet but it did not have negative effects on my face. Thumbs up!

  72. Patricia

    I never expected the performance of this product since it’s a local brand and it’s selling in a cheaper price compared to other serum. I tried it because of good reviews and because of my friends too. I am now using it for almost 2 wks and what I can observe is after applying the serum my face feels soft and well moisturized. In the morning, it gives me that glow and it prevents my skin to produce oil. It keeps me to look fresh all day.

  73. Ken

    Not sure how to review this product. I mean, reason I have purchased it ’cause of the good reviews I’ve read, plus the fact na ang cheap lang ng price niya. Paano ba? Packaging was excellent, walang hassle sa paggamit. Smell was a bit confusing to me. Nagtatalo ‘yong bango at asim niya. Results? Not sure, tho. Been using this for more than 2 weeks now. I mean, ramdam kong maganda siya sa mukha. Hindi ko pa lang makita ang results niya. But so far, hindi naman siya nag-cause ng break out sa face ko. Hintay pa ako ng good results. But, will repurchase this for sure.

  74. Reena

    As much as possible i want to use organic products pgdting sa skin care. I tried this because of the reviews na nbasa ko. And so far, I must say na ang ganda ng effect nya skin. Mala korean glass skin after ko mgtoner i applied this and it really had a nice effect on my skin.

  75. Donnavhic

    its my first time na gamitin tong serum, mabango sya and mabilis matuyo sa face. Sana effective hehe will buy again if its effective. sana talaga effective sya sakin kasi open pores ako lalo na sa part ng ilong ko hahahaa. sana mag glow din and sana mawala yung mga dark spots ko

  76. Cinderella

    First time ko lng tatry. Maganda siya kase di siya tulad ng ibang serum, mabango siya para saken. Sweet gnon pero di naman sobra. Pero nagkakapimples ako ng maliliit, bat ganon? Naisip ko baka nanibago lang mukha ko kaya tutuloy ko pa rin wait ko nalang result nya pero so far maganda pa din kase everytime ilalagay ko parang banat na bnat face ko

  77. Rossinie

    I put this on before sleeping and it’s not heavy on the skin unlike using the normal night serums. I stopped putting on serums/creams when I sleep because I felt like it triggers breakouts because every dirt would stick to my face… LOL. but this one is not sticky at all. I haven’t had any pimples since I started using this but I’m also using other products so I am not sure if it’s helping. My skin is still oily when I wake up in the morning but it’s a little lighter than before.. Im also not sure on the brightening/evening out of the skin claim since I still have the same skin shade.

  78. Ehren

    I ordered this on sale two weeks ago and started immediately using it 2x a day. For the first 3 days, my skin was adjusting to it, had a few blemishes here and there. But the following days after, i was really surprised how it visibly made my face a little softer, my pores are smaller, and i haven’t had any pimples so far! I’ll keep using it until i run out, haha! Btw, i like the fruity smell too!

  79. Lady

    I loved Sooperbeaute’s serum but I am not a fan of their packaging. I decided to purchase HSP tomato serum as an alternative instead. Luckily, it worked for my skin. I have been using this for 1 month now and already bought another bottle. It keeps my skin soft and less oily. I only gave it 4 stars because I don’t like the smell of the serum. It is strong fruity smell.

  80. Ghieza

    I just don’t like the fragrance of this product. Overall, it is lightweight and it somehow lightened my spots in a week. I just stopped using it because whenever it lighten my pimple scar, a new pimple starts to pop out. I observed it if it’s just normal for the first time use but then the day after the night, it seems that it’s not normal since my face produces more pimples :—-( and I think my face is not suitable for this product.

  81. Genevieve

    I’ve been using this for just two days and two nights but i already see the difference. My skin looks healthy and it’s glowing. Looks like glass skin. Very smooth and supple. The packaging is nice and secure wrapped with plastic. The consistency is good not sticky if apply to face

  82. Jamielyn

    I liked this at first because the smell is kind of nostalgic Like the smell of kid’s medicine cherry flavored but as days passed by I noticed that the smell became stronger and it was turning into a smell that’s not likeable As to its efficiency with the claims More likely I will refer to it as a Gel or the like but not Serum type if ya know what I’m sayin’ Overall this was just a so-so for me

  83. Carla

    The consistency is so easy to apply. It gets absorbed instantly. When it dries it doesnt feel sticky. I noticed that the pimple scar in my forehead has lighted after 3 nights of applications and my face does feel soft in the morning. No negative reaction yet. The only thing that I don’t like about this product is the smell.

  84. Crystal

    Redish to give you the blush look. I’ve been using this for weeks now and I can see the results myself. This may be cheap and look like ineffective but you’re wrong. Just stay still and use religiously then you’ll see the difference. I’m in looove with this product! You should be too! ❤️

  85. Olive

    At first I was hesitant to buy it, but when I read the reviews about it, why not give it a try. It has the same ingredients like the one that I’ve used before but more cheaper and it is a plus for me!. It is easily easily absorbed by the skin as if wala kang nilagay na kahit ano, it moisturizes and gives your skin a fresh glow . Definitely a must try product!

  86. Kate

    This serum smells so good for me! Parang candy siya ang sarap kainin. It’s fast absorbing and very lightweight. Parang wala lang siya sa face mo kaya I like it very much. I bought it on sale kaya I’m so happy na maka try ng tomato serum. On my first application, I felt na it made my skin a bit smoother 🙂

  87. Nicole

    I was actually looking forward to buy a tomato serum. However the other brands are too expensive for me. So i tried this one because i was on sale. When i put this on my face it has a slight stingy feel. Although it smell good, smell like candy. It was moisturizing however it did not lighten up any dark spots i have on my face. Just like what it promised. So it’s just a so so product for me.

  88. Crizel

    What i like about this serum is inaabsorb talaga ng skin hindi sya malagkit. And perfect sya sa mga oily skin, refreshing pa sa muka. But i tried it for 1 week di gnun ka effective or it’s just me since di pareparehas ang skin ng tao. But it did made me glow konti….and the pump medyo mahirap ipump hahah

  89. S

    I am just using this for the past 3 days but I already noticed that my pimple marks start to lighten. I just tried this cause it’s on sale and I have a weakness for local serums It did not disappoint! I should’ve hoarded a lot! Please, please restock soon! I like this better than Sooper Beaute’s Snail Skin Serum

  90. Minalene

    The product is nice… The scent is really refreshing and calming… The serum is so gentle on the skin, not sticky.. It is so light that I thought that I forgot to put a serum …I’ll make sure to order this product again… It’s a big must have in you daily skin routine…

  91. Kristina

    I really wanna know the right direction to use it as in kasi first time in my life ako magttry ng serum so i hope someone has a good heart to enlighten me. My order is already on the way but i still dont know the application of this product. Please notice me chingu!! Xx

  92. Merrielle

    So I’ve been using this for a month now try lang since I see a lot of good reviews about tomato serum risk lang din kasi wala pa reviews non. So ayun ngaaaaaa it made my skin lighter and healthier looking bes! Yung parang carry lang kahit walang concealer pag lalabas kasi before, I used to apply concealer kahit bibili lang or lalabas for a stroll with my toddler. But now, I love how my fave look even with just this serum. Just be patient with the result kasi nung una I don’t really see any difference but after two weeks of using don ko lang nakita ang result.

  93. Ynet

    Please do restock na po ng product na to. I’ve been using this for a week and I really love the effect of this product to my face. Madami akong pimples pero thanks to this product, natutuyo and nawawala na sila. I love the thickness of the serum, hindi sya watery. Gusto ko rin po yung amoy nya, di masyadong matapang, di nanununtok sa ilong. Yun nga lang, kapag paubos na yung product, di ko alam kung pano ko pa yun makukuha, pero we’ll see

  94. Jinnefer

    So I try this out of curiosity, currently I have skin breakouts and I am so desperate na mawala ang mga skin break out ko sa face ko. So i heared na maganda ang tomato sa face so I try it. I already use the product for 3 days now day and night and all I can say is WOW. galing cause the pimple starting to heal and my skin become smooth ( btw I have dry and sensitive skin hindi naman ako pipulsin pero pag hindi ako hiyang sa product malala skin breakout ko hahaha) Plus the smell is really nice and my face glow may shining effect sya sa face ko at parang nabanat yung face ko. At hindi sya malagkit which is good thing cause other serum I tried malagkit di sya wearable pag lumabas Lifesaver to saken definitely buy again.

  95. Justine

    To all people who tried this please make a review because I’m struggling what to buy between skin potions and this product though it has similar ingredient and this one is more affordable than SKin potions.Thanks. Please do help me on what to pick, all of your comments will really helpful for me.

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