HSP Vitamin C Serum

– Improves collagen production for smoother skin
– Protects against sun damage and evens out skin discoloration
– Rehydrates and revitalizes for a softer, radiant look
– Counteracts dullness, brightening under-eye circles




51 reviews for HSP Vitamin C Serum

  1. Patricia

    I had a vit C serum only to find it out it was causing my breakouts 🙁 so i wanted to find one that was affordable yet works! And i am soooooo happy that I got this! For only 190 i now have glowing skin!! HSP never fails with their affordable skin care products! Cant wait to buy my next bottle!

  2. Jensen

    It’s more of a water-based product. It say serum but the consistency is more of a gel. It absorbs pretty quick. There might be a little bit of tingling sensation on areas with active pimples. I don’t see any improvement on my acne scars but it did brighten my skin. I recommend this as a skin brightener more than an acne scar solution.

  3. Laiah

    This is my first time using a Vitamin C serum medyo pricey kasi yung nasa market but after ko nkita to nag try ako agad and I so love the results. My skin looks whiter and yung pimple marks nag fade away talaga. Naka sale din to pag bili ko not but for a P199. Amazing!

  4. Alyssa

    Bought this for my mom, she loved it and always asked me to repurchase once she ran out of this. She’s been using this for her elbows because she wants to brighten it up. And so far, it is lightening her elbows, maybe not completely even with her arms, but it is lightening.

  5. Nickey

    very inexpensive and probably the most affordable vitamin c serum I found. I’ve only been using it for 5 days and it makes my hyperpigmentations and pimple marks lighter also makes my skin glowly. Suitable for oily skin types with gel to water type consistency!! Would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable vitamin c serum

  6. Elisha

    I’ve heard that Vitamin C serums do well to erase dark spots and basically keep your skin healthy and nice. I tried this out because it’s one of the most affordable serums out there, and I really wanted to try Vitamin C serum before I purchase some of the pricey ones. The serum comes in a really nice bottle, plus I haven’t had any problems with the pump yet. It takes about two pumps of serum for my face. I wasn’t expecting any difference yet as I have only been using it for a week but I already noticed that my pimple mark has faded a bit, which is really nice! If it continues improving my skin, I might just use this regularly!

  7. Dorothy

    So happy that I was able to find a vitamin c serum which is affordable. ☺️ Though it’s not the same bottle as advertised, the important thing is that this is a gel base serum. I love it. Will continue buying this! ❤️ Please have it on buy one get one free

  8. Rosalie

    I have been watching YouTube videos on how to treat my post-acne concerns (flaking, drying skin, dark marks) and most of them mentioned using products with Vitamin C as main ingredient. This item got my attention due to positive reviews and also budget-friendly appeal. Now, I have been using it for three weeks and it was effective in reducing the acne marks on my face. Very easy to apply and also one pump is enough to cover both the face and neck areas. Also absorbs pretty well. I use it both daytime and night time to maximize the effects. Started to use other products with this but still no breakouts. Very satisfied user here. Hope the producer can make a bigger version or a refill version for this awesome product. 5 stars for a product that is effective and budget-friendly product.

  9. Zeychelle

    I’ve used so many serums before, others are even the “branded” and more expensive ones but they didn’t give me the result that I wanted. But this serum worked its magic from day 1. It tightened my pores and gave a matte finish, perfect for my oily skin, especially my T-zone area. Bought 2 bottles before, now buying 6 more! ❤

  10. Ria

    I love this product’s consistency. Haven’t seen its effect on my skin yet. I have been using this product as part of my beauty regimen at night. No tingling sensation like other products do. And it’s my first time using vitamin C. A big thanks to HSP for this. This is indeed my stress reliever site.

  11. Pat

    Super mura nya kasi i got it on sale hihi kahit mura talaga ung product. Nakakatuwa kasi it really helped my dark spots na malighten at the use of just a month. Since i like this product, i got this as a gift sa pinsan ko. Sharing is caring! Thanks HSP for affordable products!

  12. Sharmyn

    After trying the HSP Tomato serum, ito naman ang sinubukan ko because this is HSP Vitamin C and it is very essential to the body. Same with tomato serum, I don’t like the smell pero tolerable naman siya. I like how it brightens my skin. Hindi nga lang siya nakakatanggal ng stubborn dark spots pero hindi na rin siya masama. Glowing ka pa rin..

  13. Maryflor

    Super effective! It really closes my pores and lightens up my dark spots on my face. Need lang regular talaga gamitin para mas maging more visible ung results. Downside lang is ung packaging, since pump siya, pag ubos na laman ng bottle, can’t really say ubos an fully because may mga stuck pa sa stem ng pump and also onti pa sa loob.

  14. Johncel

    I love this, ever since I’ve watched some dermatologists on youtube about the effects of vitamin c. I started using it and adding to my skin care regimen. I’ve been using this product for weeks now and I could really see that it brighten up my complexion. The only thing that I like and I don’t like about this is the smell, it smells like rotten egg or something,I couldn’t describe it in words but at the same I like it, because vitamin c doesn’t really have a nice or fragrant smell. This rotten smell is like their trademark that would label them as genuine vitamin c without any fragrance that could possibly irritate my skin. But, don’t worry, you’ll probably get use to the smell over time, probably.

  15. Dyanna

    This is the cheapest brand of Vit C serum I’ve tried here on HSP and as far as one week of using it every night, I’ve noticed some noticeable changes on my face already. It became lighter esp my pimple marks, they become lighter and other has totally fade away with continuous use. Will surely recommend this to my siblings and friends.

  16. June

    I really love it’s consistency. Although it has small container, it’s actually on our 2nd month and it’s almost gone so I’ll surely order again. This helped my oily skin mattify. I hope it stays the same so that I can still afford it tho lol. I really love this product! Lovelots ❤️

  17. Noelle

    Been using this product for nearly a month now and what I liked about it is it absorbs fast on skin, it doesn’t have that sticky feeling, and it works well on clearing dark spots and pimple marks. But it gave me breakouts. Well, we all have different skin types and whichever fits well to our skin gives the most credit. This product is just okay for me.

  18. Er

    For it’s price, this one is a steal. I’ve been using this for over a month now with a single pump each time. I use it twice a day and now I see less of my smile lines and wrinkles around the eyes which used to look more pronounced before I started using this.

  19. Samantha

    My husband and I have been using this product for months. We use it twice a day and for me, I usually use it after applying my sooper beaute serum. Their combination works and my skin feels smoother and it really glows. Not really sure if it’s the HSP serum that does the job but it works so I am keeping it in my skin regime. One thing I have to point out is I don’t think it’s a legit vitamin c serum. According to my research, it should specifically mention the ingredient such as ascorbic acid instead of just vitamin c.

  20. Dulce

    This has (slightly) improved the texture of my skin but I’ve only used it for 2 weeks. However, one bottle only lasted me 2 weeks since I used it both in the morning and evening (after cleaning my face). Worth it given the price and result ❤ I will definitely purchase again.

  21. Tessa

    Been using this over a month now, so far my skin is radiant! I like how its not oily, it doesn’t have a smell just the way I like it. I use this on my morning face routine. After cleaning my face I put this on and then my tinted moisturizer with sunblock. I’m really loving the glow! I wanted more but when I wanted to buy it got sold out! See how its so famous already! Keep it up HSP!! <3

  22. Monica

    I was hesitant at first buying this product because it’s too good to be true for its price but it really works! One bottle can last you give or take a month. I have bad hyper pigmentation but I noticed it has become lighter after using this as part of my regimen (also I have other lightening products too). Vitamin C products usually comes in oil but I’m glad this one is in gel, not sticky and does not have fragrance. I’m ordering my 2nd bottle now.

  23. Kate

    Mabagal if you want speedy remedy for pimple marks. It took awhile for it to work. Been using it for about 3 weeks now. And i still can see my hormonal spots from my breakouts last period but a bit lighter. It absorbs quickly to skin and it doesn’t smell bad at all considering it is Vitamin C. Plus, i noticed na it dries up pimple easily. So i still like it

  24. April

    i bought this product because i was looking for a vitamin C serum, and it was on sale so it was pretty cheap. the formula has a slight chemical scent to it, which was bearable. there’s this weird feeling of it being rubbery and sticky while applying, but it does absorb fast! it hasn’t been long since i’ve started using it so i can’t say it works on dark spots yet.

  25. Aiko

    I like it on my skin! But I’m not so sure if it’s to be considered as a serum because its consistency is more of a gel type. But because of the PRICE POINT WHICH IS VERY OKAY, GO AHEAD GUYS, BE GENEROUS IN YOUR APPLICATION. WILL BUY AGAIN but I’m open to other recommendations for VITAMIN C serums.

  26. Isabel

    Really helped me reduce the oiliness of my face just by using the product for 3 days and I’m hoping that it will help lighten the blemishes on my skin, as well with the dark circles under my eyes (hehehehe). I’ll be giving it another review once I finished the entire bottle and might be giving a 5. After finishing the product, I’m also interested using the tomato serum.

  27. Nizaber

    I like that this product is non-sticky. It was easily absorbed by the skin. I have been using this for almost 3weeks now and i noticed that my face became less oily considering that i have a really oily face before. I also noticed that my pimple marks lightened a bit. For the price, it is really worth it. Will definitely order again.

  28. Ma.

    I was hesitant to try this at first as this is much cheaper than the vitamin C I was regularly using. To be honest, I was scared that it might cause more breakouts but I’m so glad that it didn’t. Surprisingly, my skin is less oily now. Probably because it is easily absorbed by the skin unlike my other serum. I’m also impressed with how it tightens the skin seconds after applying it. I’ve been using it for 10 days now and I think it’s working for me. I hope it works for you too. Will definitely repurchase! ❤️

  29. Sheila

    I didn’t expect much since sale ko lang siya nabili ang it’s cheaper compared sa ibang Vitamin C serum in the market. Pero worth it talaga ang pagbili ko. Value for money talaga. Few days pa lang, nakita ko na effect. Naging smoother and tighter ang skin ko and nag brighten din. Hindi rin siya oily at greasy. Even my friends noticed yung pag improve ng skin ko

  30. Gerbie

    I love this products works in my skin it really helps my skin glow apparently i just dont like the smell. I also give one to my friend to try it if it works with people who has acne alot and in my surprise, girl! Her pimples are lessen now and her face got brighten a little bit. I love it but the scent is alittle bit off

  31. Jia

    For my first Vitamin C product, this product was an absolute steal! It was helpful on the dark spots on my face since it made it lighter. I also like the feeling you get after putting it on. However, I don’t really like the product’s packaging. For the first few squirts, it works okay. But it gets stuck when you keep on using it. Eventually, I just opened the bottle since the squirter won’t work anymore. But for its price, this product is great for Vitamin C. It’s a small bottle but it sure lasted me for a few months. Overall, this was a good product.

  32. Lurey

    Hindi ko pa siya natatry pero sana effective since i have dark spots. Mura lang siya compared sa ibang serum im hoping it will work lalo na sakin na may oily akin type. Mukha namang matipid gamitin. Medyo hindi maganda ang amoy at hindi agad nalabas yung product sa una.

  33. Cleofe

    I’m on my third bottle already, and I absolutely love this serum! My skin has been smoother and cleaner and more youthful looking (no joke!). It has a non-greasy feel and gets easily absorbed into the skin. Plus there’s no cloying, annoying scent either. And for its price? This is the ultimate steal. Every girl needs to stash this in their bathroom for everyday use!

  34. Joanna

    Visible results for me even after 1-3 usage only. It tightened my skin and minimized pores. I think it also lessen my oilyness due to its effects on my pores. The pump and packaging needs improvement but still manageable for a low price product. I recommended this for my family and friends and they have similar results too.

  35. Christine

    This serum is quite affordable, so i did not expect too much, but to my surprise it does help in fading away my acne marks, i also noticed that i am less oily, i’ve used this for about a month and needed to stop coz i’ve read that vit. C serum is not a great combintion with a AHA product. But this is a must try.

  36. Junea

    I got this on sale for 76 pesos. I tried it because it was really cheap. It moisturizes my skin and it is easily absorbed. Its not that sticky and its actually refreshing. I hope they have bigger sizes for this product although the pacakging is really handy and cute.

  37. Marigold

    This is the first time I used Vitamin Serum since most are expensive. It’s been a week that I’ve been using this and I loved the very light tingling feeling after a second or two upon application. Once it dries up, I saw that my facial skin looks lifted lightly and it gives a little glow. My skin type btw is very oily. It dried fast my pimples on my chin as pimples lately keeps on growing on my chin since my hair length is on that part already. My hair tips irritates my chin that causes pimples and this product helped a lot in making it dry immediately. I suppose thus one also helps in lightening the pimple marks on my chin. I’ll still try to use this until I finish thus bottle and will try again as soon I finish this 1st bottle.

  38. Canary

    First time ko gumamit ng serum and this product did not disappoint me to the point that i repurchased it.ang down side lang is mahirap sya i-pump nakailangan pa ilang tries bago lumabas ang product and sometimes kailangan bukasan pa para makakuha ng product.however,it’s prrformance is pretty good.my cooling effect sya sa akin.

  39. Elle

    Used this as an under eye serum and it definitely brightened it. Woke up this morning na parang complete tulog ko kahit na napuyat ako because of my baby. Just one problem with this serum, it doesn’t smell good. You have to get used of the smell. Buti nalang my moisturizer smells good but other than that, I really like it’s brightening effect.

  40. Ruby

    At first, it gave me tiny bumps esp. around the chin area so I discontinued but after a month or so, I finally had the guts to try it again. Used this product for about 2wks. It had gel like consistency and its unscented which felt like aloe vera on my skin. No noticeable changes even at the last drop. Also, please replace the pump. It worked for a few good pumps then I have to manually scoop the product out.

  41. Michelle

    My first time using any Serum on my face. Lately, napapansin ko na parang ang dry and dull ng face that’s why I research for any affordavel serum that I can use everyday and every night and I saw this! Well, using this product on mt first week gave me nice satisfaction on my face.

  42. Danielle

    really really worth more than what you pay for. after using this for 2 weeks, i noticed that the pimple marks on my t-zone actually lightened. i’ve tried different serums and lightening toners before but this is the only one that actually works. the only downside of this product is the packaging. the pump isn’t working properly so i just have to manually get the product every time. also, i wish more information can be read in the label.

  43. Nessa

    This is the first serum that I ever used. I admit, I don’t used it everyday because I forget, but I’ve been using it for about 2 months. For a small bottle, it has lasted me this long and I see a difference in my skin. It feels softer and makes my skin feel very moisturized. I had a bit of trouble with the pump initially but it worked great after a few uses. Will definitely buy this again!

  44. Julie

    I just got this product yesterday and used it immediately. It’s packaging is good though you have to pump twice or thrice before getting the product. It’s in gel form and it easily dries when you apply it. What bugs me is its smell. What I received smells bad. Huhu maybe there’s something wrong about the product I received because accdg to one of the reviewers here, hers is unscented. I haven’t tried any vit c serums so I have nothing to compare to. Hope you can address this issue. Thank you.

  45. Karen

    The cheapest vitamin c I bought so far. I also love that it comes with a pump even it sells on a cheap price which makes it more hygienic and easy to use. I also love how this performs on my skin. I used this after I used derma roller and it really heals my face quickly. Not bad for its price.

  46. Allora

    I’m almost finished with the bottle and i think this has a slow effect for me. Though it tightens the skin after the application and leaves my skin clear looking. I like how it affects my skin after its application. Somewhat tight and soft. I recommend using moisturiser after this serum has been absorbed by your skin. Maybe its just me but after the serum dries out it feels dry to the touch.

  47. Maria

    I love everything about this product except for the pump. It’s a bit of a struggle for the product to come out, which I already expected galing sa reviews, before I even bought this pero I still went ahead with it kasi it’s super affordable and it really works naman. I used to use the sooper beaute (the blue one) but I realized na this is more affordable so I gave this a shot. I’ve been using this for almost 2 weeks now and it works just as well so I might keep using this na. I also like that this is non-scented.

  48. Pao

    I’ve been using this serum for 3 weeks during night but not on regular basis. purchased it for my pimple marks (VITAMIN C equals whitening). Noticed it also lighten my eye area! Zombie eyes no more! *wink* Hard to squeeze the serum out of the nozzle, tho. Keribels. I just twist the cap to get the serum.

  49. Daisy

    I gave it five stars for its price. It is so affordable. And unlike other Vitamin C preparations, this is in gel form. So far, it doesn’t look like it is moisturizing and brightening, but I do put other stuff on my face together with this, so it may have complemented each other. Although it may seem hard to pump it out on every press because only a few product comes out on every press, it somehow prevents you also from pumping out too much.

  50. Jec

    It is my very first attempt to use serums. Never tried any in the past. Giving this a try because my friend recommended this. I love the feeling that this serum leaves my face soft and poreless. I only use it at night because my face is very oily. I only use sunblock during the day time. As to the whitening effect, I’m not very sure about it because my face is already white. I didn’t feel the tingling sensation as written in the bottle. The only thing I dont like is the bottle, it’s so hard to get the serum out. I had to pump and pump and pump over and over just to get the right amount.

  51. Rouchelle

    For it’s price, SULIT sya. Do use it twice a day and apply a moisturizer afterwards. It took 2 weeks for me to see the effects, so be patient. I noticed my skin’s brighter and less oily. Again, use this together with other products. I recommend: brightening face wash (lemon), toner (witch hazel), moisturizer (preferably water based) with SPF.

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