HSP Vitamin E Serum

– Rapidly boosts cell turnover and improves elasticity for a more youthful complexion with retinol
– Protects against free radical damage, moisturizes, and soothes with vitamin E
– Smoothes texture and speeds up skin repair to even out skin with retinol and vitamin E
– Plumps up skin and boosts moisture retention with hyaluronic acid




10 reviews for HSP Vitamin E Serum

  1. Carla

    If you wanna achieve a plump and glowing skin, this could prolly work for you. I’ve read a few articles regarding Vitamin E and it’s amazing benefits for the skin. Since then, I was eager to incorporate retinol in my skin care routine. This is such an affordable option and it didn’t gave me breakouts.

  2. Kristine

    My face ai super duper oily but this serum lessen the oiliness of my face and im happy with that. My face is a bit fairer than before. It looks clear as well. Parang nagkaron sya ng sigla bigla. Hoping that there will still be more improvement in the next few weeks. I just started using this less than 3 weeks.

  3. Roxyl

    Bought this one out of curiosity and holy molly this product is good!! Before I used this I noticed a pimple that’s about to make me ugly and so, I applied this one before I went to bed to see what’ll happen and lo and behold, the little pimple was gone the next morning.

  4. Maria

    So far it is great. Feels lightweight on the face and it leaves a fresh matte finish. It is also smoothening – like your skin is more refined. Perfect to apply after putting your serum as your skin will look more natural. I have yet to test the efficacy of this product in terms of anti aging. Will update!

  5. Carren

    If you want a plump skin, this product is for you. No breakouts. Whenever I use this product, it gives me a baby face effect. Super smooth and supple. And the fact na may retinol sya and affordable. For only 199php super happy ako with HSP. Will try their other products.

  6. Sam

    I have been trying this products for 2 weeks now and so far so good. The texture of the serum doesn’t leave your face oily. So you can put this in the morning and i didn’t have any brealouts from it. For results, it’s making my face plump and shiny (like the glass skin type)

  7. Iyah

    This really works! Are you ready to support local brands? Effective and affordable? Available online? Remarkable and trusted brand? Well, you are really looking for this brand if your answer to those are all YES. I have already said the characteristics of this brand, each product is very okay for my own liking.

  8. Jazz

    i have tried it for 2 weeks now and what can i say? “i am happy about this product”. Here are my observation during the whole 2weeks upon using this product. 1. very light feeling when i applied unto my face. 2. No tingling sensation when i applied it to my face, super light nya and good thing yun kc i have very sensitive skin. 3. i notice when i use it prior applying my foundation whole day hnd ako super oily at work 4. i can use it anytime of the day and i can feel the softness of my skin 5. lastly, affordable and reliable at the same time. Hindi overpriced and what you expect is what you get on this product. Definitely will order again❤️

  9. Mary

    This is a good serum. Hindi siya malagkit sa face. I’ve been looking for serums na light lang pag inaaply yung tipong wala kang nilagay. This one is it very light feeling when you apply it and naglighten yung face ko when I used it. It didn’t cause breakouts. And very affordable.

  10. Caroline

    I’ve been using this product for 3 days and see the result. I have pimples on my chin and cheeks and they’d dried up after 3 days. I use this twice a day. After cleansing my face with soap and toner, I moisturize my face using this product. I also like that it’s light weight on the face. It’s also noticeable that dark spots had slightly lighten.

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